3 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Since more small business owners are starting to see the value of having a Facebook Fan Page for their business, there seems to still be many who find it difficult to effectively use it to grow their business.

During our recent Twitter Party, one of our topic discussions was – How to better engage Facebook Fans. What many of the ladies shared was that they weren’t sure how to create interactions and entice participation with their fans.

What I shared was that your Fan Page is a community. Think of your community (Fan Page) as a way for people to come together in one place. Take it a step further and recognize that they are there to “discuss, share and learn”, about a particular topic of interest to THEM.

It’s not about creating a space with the intention of advertising and selling your products or services. Your Fan Page is for the purpose of providing a way for your audience to interact with and learn more about your business and to create brand awareness. It is about letting people “see” you, learn what you are all about and discover how their involvement will benefit them.

TheCEOMamma Fan Page

3 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans & Establish Your Brand:

Be Inviting. Remember you want to create a sense of community, so your Fan Page should reflect a warm and inviting atmosphere. You are the force behind your Fan Page so initiate interaction. If new fans introduce themselves, welcome them and thank them for joining your page.

Stay on Topic. If your business is about blogging, then that should remain your primary focus. If you fail to stay on topic, those who ‘Liked’ your community to learn about blogging will began to drop off if things start to drift to far away from the subject. Meet the needs of your community, if blogging is what they want…don’t entertain your desire to share your favorite recipes!

Ask questions. When you want to create engagement and interaction, ask a question! Make it a daily or weekly part of your regular Fan Page postings to provide another way for fans to participate. You can take it a step further and offer open forum discussions one day out of the week to give your fans the opportunity to ask you questions. Be sure to answer them in a timely manner.

Facebook also has a Question button you can use to create a poll:

Facebook Question Button Feature


To start engaging your Facebook Fans, follow the tips above. Be consistent and learn to “listen” to what your fans want. Pay attention to the posts that get more comments and feedback. These are good indicators of what type of content they want more of.

When your ready to learn how to best utilize your Facebook Page to build your business, read this post from Mashable, How To: Get The Most Out of Your Business Facebook Page.



Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to six, Founder of TheCEOMamma, Online Marketing Consultant and Mentor. She shows aspiring women entrepreneurs how to stand out, grab attention and make an impact online by establishing social influence, developing an unforgettable brand and building a powerful business network.

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