4 Reasons to Stop Sending Christmas Cards and do this Instead

This is the time to start thinking about thanking your customers and loving on them to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Yes, most people and businesses send out Christmas cards and gifts to show their appreciation.  However, last year I started sending out Thanksgiving cards.

This is why:

I always am late sending out my Christmas cards!  So much to do, and (it feels) like so little time.  My precious cards get put on the back burner as something I’ll do when “I get an afternoon of quiet.”

Thanksgiving is a unique time to send out cards. Your direct mail letter will stand out to your customers and is more likely to get opened.

Remind your customers that you are still around and think they are valuable.

It is much easier to schedule an afternoon late October or early November for writing and addressing cards than December!

Schedule an afternoon this month, this week (this weekend?)  Write cards during the commercial break of the football game.  Good things come when we give thanks.  Simply writing a card without asking for anything, making an offer or doing any business transactions speaks to your integrity and sincerity.

One of the crimes businesses commit is poor follow up with customers.  With the frenetic activity of our days, follow up is easy to overlook.  Now is the time to stop.  Even if your last interaction was in March of this year, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to write a note of gratitude and appreciation to your clients.

Hand-write the address, it adds a personal touch to the letter.  Have fun and pull out a rubber stamp of fall leaves or the words “Happy Thanksgiving.” Many craft stores sell seasonal rubber stamps for less than $7 and you can use them for years.  Make it a family affair: if you have children around, let them do the stamping and addressing for an additional “cute” factor.

Don’t let this season go without letting your customers know how much they mean to you.  Relationships have been and always will be the lifeblood of business.  We need to continue to nurture our relationships by adding value to our customers.


Melissa AuClair

There is more than writing a list and checking it twice to see your dreams come to reality. You aren’t simply building a business (a challenging feat in itself) you are building a life. If you consider yourself to be in a creative business, you may especially appreciate Melissa’s insights on her path to building her own beautiful business. Go to www.launchyourcreativelife.com for motivation, inspiration and fun products for creating success in your creative realm.

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