4 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing

There are reasons why people succeed in Network Marketing and reasons why most fail. Are there really secrets behind operating a profitable Network Marketing business? I think not. Consider how easy it can be to truly have success in network marketing if you simply took the time to logically, learn how to do it right. Get educated and don’t fall into the category of those who fail.

4 Reasons Why People Fail in Network Marketing

Lack of Skills and Training. Many people just getting started in network marketing often believe in the idea of having an “instant” business and grow excited over the easy potential for generating a quick income. What they fail to realize is that network marketing is about way more than selling a product; it’s about building relationships and selling you. People don’t buy your products because they are great or because it’s this seasons “must have”, they will buy your products because they’ve built a relationship with you and trust you. When we first join a company, we are often told how “easy” the business is because “our products sell themselves.” Very rarely are we ever taught the true dynamics behind prospecting or trained on exactly how to find the people who are actually interested in our products.

Lack of Money. Now that you’ve envisioned how successful you will be in your new business and purchased your training tools and starter kits you are ready for the cash to start flowing in. As time goes on, you may find you’re not producing the kind of income you thought you would and can no longer fund your business expenses. You’ve failed to calculate a marketing budget into your plan and the misconception of your “instant” business becomes a reality once you realize you will have to invest more then just your time into building a successful business in network marketing.

Lack of Activity. You’ve probably figured out by now that if you don’t work your business, you’re out of business. Neglecting consistency in your daily business building tasks will greatly impact your growth. Another reason why people fail in network marketing is because they don’t operate with a plan of action. In order to build a solid business in network marketing, you need to create a daily method of operation consisting of income producing activities with lead generation being a priority.

Lack of Prospects. Without a doubt, network marketing is a people business. If you are not attracting prospects, you are wasting your time. In this industry, your main skill should be to know how to properly utilize social media marketing to make money. There needs to be a strategic marketing plan in place for you to follow on a daily basis.

Network Marketing can be a realistic and profitable means of obtaining a great income from home for anyone if you are willing to take the time to build, invest and educate yourself for success. It is not a way to acquire instant riches but with proper knowledge and skills, you can earn a sizable and increasing amount of money from home.

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Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to six, Founder of TheCEOMamma, Online Marketing Consultant and Mentor. She shows aspiring women entrepreneurs how to stand out, grab attention and make an impact online by establishing social influence, developing an unforgettable brand and building a powerful business network.

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2 comments to 4 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing

  • Donna Johnson

    “It’s All In The Numbers.” — lack of activity = laziness; We have to stop being so distracted by the non-income producing activities that are constantly tempting us and get moving. (Farmville is fun … but being broke is not fun.)

    Thanks, Tamyka!

    • Your right Donna, it is all about the numbers. We must be willing to work those numbers and consistently focus on activities that produce income. Thanks for your comment.

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