Balance or Harmony – Which Do You Want in Your Life?

Balance or HarmonyMost women strive to achieve balance in their busy and chaotic lives, and understandably so. Between work, family, children and finding a few minutes for themselves, the struggles to balance everything can be overwhelming. However, balance means that two sides are struggling and fighting the other. One can weigh more than the other as they argue for equal attention. In order to run your life successfully, you need to find ways to develop harmony, not balance.

Why Harmony?

Harmony also allows you to enjoy a positive mental state without sinking so low that you’re unable to dig your way out of despair. Harmony includes an acceptance of the highs and the lows, and a commitment to focusing on what is within your control, and releasing the weight of needing things to be equal at all time.  What follows are some harmony-focused resources to help you deprogram from the myth of work-life balance.

Life Coaching

Accepting that life comes with some degree of clutter can be a jagged pill to swallow. A good life coach can show you how to bring peace and harmony to an already cluttered life. They can also teach you the importance of doing your job to live instead of living for employment. An employee may also have goals and demands of an employer, but a coach can put this all into perspective and show you ways to personalize your goals to fit your unique emotional needs. One life coach San Jose based, asserts that healthy relationships with one’s self is a key component of success in any form.

Society is all about the material aspect, and many times material things come before emotional needs. A life coach can be instrumental in teaching you to savor the happy moments instead of focusing on money. Ironically, this often brings one into a more financially sound lifestyle, because clarity of mind equals well-thought out plans and the ability to refine one’s actions to better align with success.

Yoga and Meditation

A better life experience also comes with getting in touch with your emotions and inner self. Yoga and meditation do more than bring balance to your physical life. They also bring harmony and the release of stress and anxiety. As you give yourself over to the power of meditation, your body will begin to relax and ease away the worries of a day filled with problems. It’s also much easier to cope with issues that rise to the surface again and again.

Restructure the Workplace

A workplace wrought with sales figures and goals of financial rewards can be good for success. However, it’s about the journey and not the end result. How you get to achieve the rewards is much more important than actually getting them. Employees today have a different mantra. They still see work as an important facet, but it’s something they want to connect with on a personal level. Meshing the goals of the business corporation is just as important as meeting an employees goals that they set for themselves.

Finding harmony in the work place will bring peace and tranquility into your personal life. It’s also about meeting the goals and achievements that are important to you daily. Women are realizing that money and personal effects are not everything. In order to achieve fulfillment, you need to make more time for yourself, and implement family-friendly activities that bring quality and satisfaction to both your work and personal life.


Akilah Richards is a wife, mother of two, and full-time entrepreneur who has benefited significantly from learning to embrace harmony over balance. She writes books and shares articles about the importance of choosing harmony over balance to remind women of the option to choose fulfillment over a deadline-driven life. If you’re looking for a life coach San Jose based, or in any other locale, there are a few great options over at

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