Establish Your 2013 This Month

Like many of you, I love to make new goals for the New Year.  Traditionally I write my goals at the traditional time, the first week of January.

However, I recently decided to change my time frame from January to this month:  November after listening to one of my favorite career podcasts, “48 Days to the Work You Love.”

This podcast is from Dan Miller, author of the book of the same name, “48 Days to the Work You Love” and the recent “Wisdom Meets Passion.”  Dan shared that he has his next year goals completed by the 15th of November each year.  The idea intrigued me.  He said that he likes to have a plan ready to go.  Having his goals ready at the beginning of January helps him to maintain speed with immediate implementation of his plan.

As I listened to Dan, began to map out my own goals, I thought of a variety of benefits writing out my goals now will help me in 2013.  It is past November 15th now, but I plan to complete my goals by December 1.

Here are a few ways writing goals now will give us an extra boost in 2013:

  • There is a tendency to lull and slowly dream and plan in the beginning of the year.  Maybe the sensation of sluggishness is due to a weary digestive system absorbing and processing the delicious holiday food.  Maybe the brain is still on holiday mode too.  Whatever the reason, I know I have a tendency to turn goal making into a two week endeavor instead of a two day project.  Making goals early eliminates time waste.
  • You see where you need and want to go as you quickly are moving towards the years end.  How many of us are scrambling elegantly right now, trying to complete goals, business transactions, new products launched, etc. before the end of the year?  Use this to your advantage to identify quickly where you want to go next year.  Is what you are doing working?  How can we ante up the bar and game for 2013?  What draining things can be eliminated or delegated in 2013?
  • Identifying goals now helps to prepare you for launching quickly in 2013.  The map is made, not it is time for implementation.  Whether it is finishing a licensure process, publishing a book, getting out of debt or recruiting new members for your team, there will be no lag time when you know where you want and need to go.

Are you inspired to set your goals now?  Take a break before the Christmas rush really starts to cramp your schedule.  Grab something hot to drink and identify where you want your business to go next year.  Stick it up on your mirror and let it roll around in your mind and heart the next few weeks.

Let’s plan on making 2013 even better than 2012.  It starts with a plan and a plan starts with written down goals.

Melissa AuClair

There is more than writing a list and checking it twice to see your dreams come to reality. You aren’t simply building a business (a challenging feat in itself) you are building a life. If you consider yourself to be in a creative business, you may especially appreciate Melissa’s insights on her path to building her own beautiful business. Go to for motivation, inspiration and fun products for creating success in your creative realm.

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