Just Decide! That is THE way to THAT You.

…yet and still…

As much as you can
As often as you can
For as long as you can…

Be in support of yourself.

Start that workout.  Again.
Target that ideal client.  Again
Raise your prices and mean it.  Again.
Add more plant-based foods to your diet.  Again.

And while you’re at it…
Decide on the type of partner you will be with.  Again.
Commit to natural hair.  Again.
Designate 15 minutes for your morning mantras.  Again
Vow not to raise your voice at your child.  Again.

When if feels like you cannot
Or your habits kick in again
Or you lose your footing…

Decide AGAIN, and support yourself
through that renewed decision.

I get it, shit gets real,
you fall off that “feel good” choice,
then you beat yourself up for “failing”

But you didn’t fail, you faltered.


It is SO NOT about what you’re doing wrong,
it’s about consistently meeting that undesirable feeling
with a renewed insistence on reclaiming that
highly desirable feeling, action, emotion, or result.

Whatever you’re contending with at this moment
also has the misfortune of having to contend with you.

Divinely-made, incredibly resilient, universally supported

There’s time enough (when you’ve found your footing)
to address the WHY.  For now though, while you’re
working toward getting to the WHAT…

Keep deciding to support what you desire,
let the rest of it come and go, but keep your attention
focused squarely on what you DECIDED,
not on the ways you lose sight of that decision.

Eventually, it will tire of you, and you will be left
with nothing but whatever you FIRST DECIDED UPON,
and then DECIDED AGAIN to support…

missteps be dammed!


[photo credit]

Akilah S. Richards

Akilah Richards owns 7 web properties and gains the majority of her customers by posting articles and videos online. Though authentic engagement has much more to do with the human element than numbers and strategies, companies like Atlanta SEO consultant EverSpark Interactive help entrepreneurs with websites stand above the crowd and increase the odds of converting readers to paying customers.

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