Keeping on Track with Your Business Goals

WinningIt’s not unusual for us to start a new year off with a ton of motivation, high hopes and big goals for our business. Then before we know it, a new quarter is here and many of us start to wonder…where did the time go?

We look back over the past 3 months and start to realize how far away we have drifted from our most highest priority goals. Did this happen to you this year?

If so, know that it happens to the best of us and it is not to late to get back on track! Here are a few tips Finance Coach & Consultant – Antonina Geer, suggests to help you reassess and get back on track with your income goals:

1.) Take note of your total sales and costs for the Quarter – which month produced the most income and profit?

2.) Are you on track to meeting your financial abundance plan (budget) and other business goals?

3.) Were there any financial surprises (opportunities or risks)?

4.) Did you make a profit in Q1? If so keep track and let your CPA know as the IRS will base your quarterly tax payment on that number.

5.) Project the remainder of the year based on Q1 results and what you have in the pipeline (those sales, costs, projects that you are aware of that will happen in future months).

6.) Think hard before following the crowd and discounting your products for “End Q1 sales” in an effort to hastily meet your first quarter goals.  Discounting could negatively affect profitability and cash flow for future months

7.) Based on the story that your numbers tell you, keep an eye out for hidden opportunities and create a plan for creating services & products around those opportunities.

As a new business owner just starting out or building a business online, it can be a challenge to stay on top of your business goals, especially if you are a solo-preneur managing on your own.

It can be too easy sometimes to become distracted and lose focus but there are resources and help available, should you need support and direction.

My Inner Circle Mentor Club is a great place to start to receive encouragement and support through regular motivation and empowerment, experience growth by guidance and accountability, gain valuable knowledge and effective skills and have access to recommended business building tools and resources.

Our focus is on helping you create freedom in your business through personal development, mindset and marketing while teaching you the skills you need to run a profitable business.

To learn more about my Inner Circle Mentor Club, visit here today!



Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to six, Founder of TheCEOMamma, Online Marketing Consultant and Mentor. She shows aspiring women entrepreneurs how to stand out, grab attention and make an impact online by establishing social influence, developing an unforgettable brand and building a powerful business network.

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