When Dating Gets in the Way of Your Entrepreneurial Self

The Single, Happy Hustler Series

The Single, Happy Hustler Series:

Single entrepreneurs, with our ability come and go as we please, have it tough. The media portrays us as having it all together, minus a love life (like Savannah in Waiting to Exhale) or head-over-heels in love with the wrong person whom we met through our career (enter: Scandal’s Olivia Pope). Not fair.

For years — as a matter of fact, until two months ago! — I used to think that I’d either have to be a freelance writer or someone’s girl with a job that I’d loathe. The two worlds would never align with each other, and whenever I tried to make them co-exist, it was as amazing…as a car crash. I now know what went wrong, so the following will show you how you can have both, the business and the man.

He must be open-minded, to business, too.  It’s not enough to have the usual in common: likes to laugh, loves kids, enjoys expensive dinners, etc. won’t quite cut it. Meet like-minded go-getters who have ditched or cannot wait to ditch their 9-5s. They are more likely to understand your spirit, and your schedule. You two can encourage each other and live happily ever after, as soon as you both break even in your ventures, of course.

You have to bring something to the table, beside “an opportunity”.  You’ll need to do more than profess your dreams of making it big in business. He’ll want to see that the business can be profitable. Show him testimonials from your satisfied customers. Let him tag along to your next conference or expo. Put your best foot forward at all times (do it for yourself, first!) Men will forever be visual creatures of nature, no matter how intelligent you are. That’s why magazines like King are so damned popular, while O, The Oprah Magazine is rumored to be living its last days.

He must be a happy camper. If he allows his insecurities to get the best of him, it will be challenging at best to develop a relationship. You won’t find support from him; in fact, he’ll try to discourage you from growing your business. He simply won’t understand the phone calls, texts, and email from the same people – including men who want to buy your products or services. “Who’s Bob?” “Where are you going?” “Are you done working yet?” If you’re hearing any of these questions, he’s not for you.

Keep business separated from pleasure. Don’t cross the line which divides making money and finding love. At least not until your business is feet off the ground. Newbies cannot afford to magically find Mr. Right while conducting business. Remember, time is money, honey. (I meet a lot of men who claim they need my content-generating expertise. Some of them just want a date, which means I just wasted about an hour or so of my time. )

When all else fails…Maybe he’s not that into you. Or, you’re too much into your business venture. Focus on what God places on your heart, first. Sometimes, we honestly need to get it together before getting together with someone else.

Today, we are fortunate to have an opportunity to make a difference in our homes and communities, thanks to entrepreneurship. Don’t let a date get in the way of your bottom line. With the tips I’ve laid out you’ll find that romance and finance is possible. Still, I’d like to know, what tips do you have to share?


Tyjuana Wilson

I am single, I am happy and I'm blogging all about it on www.singleandhappyonline.com. I'm on Twitter, too at http://twitter.com/singleandhappy1. Want a good read? My first novel, Single and Happy: Nothing Like a Writer Scorned comes this Valentine's Days. Oh, and I approve this message.

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