Why Being the Best in Business is Overrated

Thank goodness my mom still loves me in spite of myself, and my failure to be the best at anything. And yes, even as a highly sought-after writer, I can easily list a number of better writers, counting with both hands and a foot. Anyway, like other doting parents, my mom has always wanted the best for my siblings and me. The best education. The best job. The best spouse.

Well, perhaps she’s giving up on the best husband for me. It is what it is.

Molly Fletchter, author of The Business of Being the Best: Inside the World of Go Getters and Game Changers writes, “The best never stop striving for something far greater than the goals they have already reached.” Whoa, Nelly; that’s a mouthful. According to this statement, to me, being numero uno means sleepless nights and constant worry. As a former B-student who has gotten by in life thus far, with two college degrees, a laptop, a Coke and a smile, I’ll pass on Ms. Fletcher’s definition, thanks. Here are three reasons why being the best, could possibly bring out the worst in us:

Your best gets unnoticed most of the time.

The best pole dancer speaks volumes in the gentleman’s club, and means absolutely nothing at a women empowerment luncheon. In other words, being the best in any field of work is only as good as the field you’re in. Outside of your chosen industry, you’re just like everyone else. Do you feel any worse because of this fact? Of course not. Would you stop striving to be who you are designed to be? I hope not.

Too little focus on what’s important.

Tiger Woods was the golf professional of all golf professionals. He not only raised the bar, he eventually purchased his own. But while he was busy perfecting his golf gift, he neglected other aspects of his life. Anyone with basic cable already knows what I’m referring to.

There is always someone better than you.

Think about the transition from high school to college, or from college to full-time work. For many of us, there was always someone better waiting in the wings. Someone waiting to remind us who’s the boss, or the bigger sorority sister. Still we pressed on, survived, and now look at us!

I would never discourage you from being what God has created you to be. Nobody has a right to do that. But we have to get to a point when we have done all we can, and just stand, as Donnie McClurkin once sang. So stand proud, knowing you’ve excelled at many things and will accomplish much more soon enough. Do you struggle with being the best?

Tyjuana Wilson

I am single, I am happy and I'm blogging all about it on www.singleandhappyonline.com. I'm on Twitter, too at http://twitter.com/singleandhappy1. Want a good read? My first novel, Single and Happy: Nothing Like a Writer Scorned comes this Valentine's Days. Oh, and I approve this message.

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