Why You Must Dismiss the Naysayers

Negative People

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That’s an easy answer, you must dismiss the naysayers simply because they are negative. Cut them out, let them loose, do whatever you have to do to remove them from your space.

It sounds easy, right?

So, what do you do when ignoring them can be a challenge because those naysayers just so happen to be family members? The dynamics may have to change a bit.

Here are a few tips to help you dismiss the negative naysayers in your life

Recognize it for what it is. Often times, people may say hurtful things without realizing that in fact, their words do hurt. Other times it is simply a matter of ignorance or lack of understanding. For instance, think about when you first told your close family member you were starting a business and they responded in a negative way.

Maybe they tried to dismiss what you were saying or tell you it wasn’t something you should do. Even if they responded in an  unsupportive way…you have to see it for what it is so you can move past it.

  • Some people are just naturally negative about everything
  • Some people are afraid to do what they truly want to do
  • Some people simply don’t understand entrepreneurship

Whatever the case may be in your situation, recognize it for what it is so you can dismiss it.

Know your limits. Let’s be real for a minute, we all know that person who is NOT going to support our vision and our dream no matter what it is. So, don’t set yourself up for hurt by getting caught up in your excitement and wanting to share your goals and ambitions with that person.

*NEWS FLASH*, some people are just not going to be happy for you or care about what you are doing. Leave them be, establish your personal boundaries and keep your plans to yourself and find someone else to share with.

Upgrade your circle of influence. We can’t choose who our family is and sometimes we are born into a family that stands firm in a particular way of thinking. As we grow into our own selves and begin to discover who we are, some of us begin to change and adopt a different way of thinking or being.

Unfortunately, as we choose our own path for our lives, sometimes family members may not understand why we are trying to be so different and silently feel offended by our actions. Their attitudes towards us, however intentional or not, can begin to hinder our growth if we allow it to absorb our minds.

If this is the case, and as hard as it may be for some…you have got to learn to separate yourself in order to live your life the way you intend too. You may not realize how the most significant influencers in your life are family. Whether we realize it or not, their thoughts and opinions of us, do affect the choices we make.

You must make a decision

If you want to live a fulfilled life, pursuing your passion and purpose, understand the decision is yours. You have to upgrade your circle of influence, surround yourself with people who will support you instead of judge you.

It’s okay to Do You!

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